NBA Playoffs

Pacers vs Hawks

NBA Post Season Matchup Preview

Matchup: Indiana Pacers (1) vs. Atlanta Hawks (8)

TV Schedule

Game 1: In IND – Sat, April 19th 7:00pm on ESPN
Game 2: In IND – Tue, April 22nd 7:00pm on TNT
Game 3: In ATL – Thu, April 24th 7:00pm on NBA TV
Game 4: In ATL – Sat, April 26th 2:00pm on TNT
Game 5: In IND – Mon, April 38th *TBD
Game 6: In ATL – Thu, May 1st *TBD
Game 7: In IND – Sat, May 3rd *TBD


Home Court✔︎


The Pacers had a goal for the #1 seed all season. They got it. But is there any top team coming into the Playoffs with less momentum than the Pacers? Since the All Star break they only 14-12, and you have to wonder about that trade for Evan Turner. He’s been terrible, and Granger was a clubhouse guy that seemed to have accepted his role. Also, remember when people were dubbing Paul George the best two-way player not-named-LeBron? Well what happened to his offense? He’s shooting more this year, but around the same subpar 42% from the field, and his assist and rebound totals have declined from last season. All that being said, the Hawks don’t stand much of a chance in this matchup. You have to like how they have battled all season. Their ability to win a series went down with Al Horford’s torn pectoral muscle, but the free agent signing of Paul Millsap has been a coup, and Jeff Teague has been more than capable running the point this year. It feels good to be here for the Hawks, all things considered, but they are playing with house money.


Indiana Pacers in 5

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