Meet the Team

BasketballHaven is a three man team committed to developing and maintaining a fresh new hub for all things basketball.

We cover primarily college and the NBA, but also will weigh in on HS, International, women’s hoops, etc. With news, analysis, and constant original content, we strive to provide hoops lovers out there a one stop spot clear of clutter for their daily basketball information spot.

Joe Mancuso

Court Moniker: Joey Hustle

My freshman year of college at Notre Dame, I arrived to secure my spot in line for Midnight Madness and to secure season tickets at approximately 7 am. I wanted to ensure I had seats, but to my surprise, the second student to get in line wasn’t until 2 pm. My love for basketball, especially college basketball, has often toed the line between passion and obsession. Know the guy in your office/school that organizes every type of bracket pool imaginable? That’s me. Have an employee or student who always seems to be “sick” on a certain Thursday and Friday in March? Guilty. However, it was never enough. I’ve seemingly always been on a quest to find individuals who shared my passion for and knowledge of the game. My coworkers, friends, and even my wife have had to listen to me quote stats, list acceptable times to rush the court, argue against NCAA tournament expansion, and constantly remind them that March is the best time of year. Once BasketballHaven became a reality, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share my passion for the game of basketball.

My wife and I just had our first daughter, Kira, who takes up a lot of our free time. I love being outdoors and active and I love to compete so you can often find me playing some type of sport. Nothing’s more important to me than spending time with my friends and family, and that often means traveling around the country to do so. I never miss a Notre Dame football or basketball game, and I rarely pass up an opportunity to play trivia. Fun fact: I can name approximately 99% or D-1 mascots.

Joe, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, currently works for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and lives in Uptown Charlotte.

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Ewane Masango

Court Moniker: Monsieur Internationale

Basketball arguments were happening around me while I was still in the womb. Mother was a Bulls fan. Father loved the Bad Boy Pistons. 1990. So you can imagine. It was not more than a year later that MJ captured his first title. And while he thrust the Larry O’Brien into the air, I was taking a similar flight into the air in my mother’s arms. From then on, basketball has been part of my life. Growing up if I wasn’t practicing last second shots, I was checking stats. If I wasn’t checking stats, I was watching a game. And if I wasn’t watching a game, you could regularly catch me at your local barbershop, recess/lunch, and even during class arguing about the game. So when the opportunity arrived to help make BasketballHaven become a reality, all I could think of is us being MJ and the 91′ Bulls team. We’re ready.

I love being on the go and love it even more when I am with friends and family while I am doing so. The world is like an abundance of oysters. And my mission is to find the pearls.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Ewane currently lives in various locations around the world, and works as an “Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” for whoever has a dream they want turned into a reality.

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Macgregor Perkins

Court Moniker: Captain Mid-Range

After growing up under the roof of a longtime H.S. basketball coach, playing the game every chance I get – even to this day, a stint working in the NBA, and years of being in love with basketball in all facets, I came on board to BasketballHaven to start putting my thoughts, opinions, and analysis to good use. My unique background gives me multiple lenses to view from. BasketballHaven offered me the chance to utilize those experiences in writing whether it be the player, the coaching and front office, or the business side. It doesn’t hurt working with two of your closest friends either!

I’m a huge foodie, but only an amateur cook. A great weekend for me is an afternoon outside with my French Bulldog, Xander, a nice steak dinner, an evening with family and friends, all while catching the best college hoops games on Saturday and NBA on Sunday. As mentioned, I will lace up a pair of sneakers for a good pickup game any day of the week.

A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Macgregor currently lives in Dallas, TX working in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

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