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A Welcome Message from the Editor

One of my favorite daily traditions is at about 10:00 in the morning, is deciding where I’m going to eat lunch. Is it a little early to start thinking about lunch? Absolutely. Did I, like everyone else, have a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy? Of course. Do I ever think about all the money I could save if I brought my lunch a couple days a week? All the time.  Nevertheless, without fail, I dine out for lunch 5 days a week. Clock work.

I enjoy getting out of the office, the camaraderie with my colleagues, but a big part of it, is that I like good food. When I say we dine out, I’m not talking about the mundane fast food burger joints. We eat at sit down establishments, relax, and actually enjoy lunch. The most common issue is where to eat. Just this past week, I ate at two different restaurants each twice. Sure I love the food, and they are both frequent stops that everyone likes. I can’t help but longing for a new restaurant to open. I’m not looking for a place to come in and be my 5 day a week stop, but a place just to spice things up and freshen up our options. I sometimes find the current options a bit…stale.

This same conundrum is how I find myself in when it comes to my basketball info. Similar to my favorite restaurants, I frequent your common mega-media websites for info and analysis. At the same time, it can seem somewhat repetitive. You have the same individuals with the same opinions. You have the same sites with the same clutter. You have the same companies with the same agendas. So when I thought about starting BasketballHaven, this is the same idea I had.

If I told you we should be your #1 source for basketball information, we had the best sources, the most corporate funding, the most time, and a huge team working for us we’d be…well pretty full of it. And you’d laugh. I know I would. What I can tell you, is that we are a few ordinary guys that have unique insights, love the game, and care about developing content that matters to you. I’m not asking you to never visit your current establishments again, but I am asking you to stop by every once in a while. We keep things fresh. You might like it.

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