2-1-2 Full Court Press: Stars Heading In Opposite Directions

2: Hot

  • Houston Rockets
    • For all the off season disasters that struck the Rockets, they are the first team to 2-0 after a back to back on the road. Terrance Jones has elevated his game early on and without a point guard to initiate the offense, James Harden has jumped up to 8 assists per contest.
  •  3-point Shooting
    • No team in the NBA averaged over 10 three point FG made per game. Through the first few days, there are (5) teams over that threshold including Phoenix, San Antonio, Atlanta, Houston, and Portland.

1: Not

  • Thunder Injuries
    • It was bad enough the reigning MVP Kevin Durant was out to open the season. Then it snowballed into Mitch McGary and Anthony Morrow too. And Jeremy Lamb. And Reggie Jackson. Now Russell Westbrook is out 4-6 weeks too? In a stacked Western Conference, the playoffs altogether could be in jeopardy.

2: Ones to Watch

  • LeBron James
    • What you expected them to go 41-0 at home? Not exactly the home opener the Cavs had in mind largely in part because of James. James only shot 33% from the field and had almost as many turnovers (8) and assists and rebounds combined (9). It doesn’t get any easier Friday night with a road trip to Chicago
  • First win?
    • The woeful Sixers go on the road to the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night. Everyone knows the Sixers are bad and the Bucks aren’t significantly better. If the Sixers want to win more than 10-12 games this season, these are the type of pseudo-winnable ones for the taking.

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